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Angry Bears specialises in creating custom, high-quality video content.

We’re a team of idea makers that provide personalised service with every step of the way.

We’re based in Dublin but our team can be international and informal.

Dublin 2, 20 Harcourt Street

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Grow With Video

In the heart of what we do is creativity, digital productions and Video Promotion Dublin. Designed to help people remember your brand, your message, your story. Ready to provide discounts for small projects.

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Generate Brand
Awareness and Conversions

Helping businesses communicate important messages to their clients. Use powerful Video production to drive results.

Events & Seminar

Got a physical or virtual event taking place that you want to capture? Let us help you connect with your audience.

Scripted Video

From script-writing to editing, we create documentaries, identity videos, advertisements, web series and more.

Film, Music, Dance

We love working in collaboration with artists to create projects that have creative vision and technical know-how.

Social Media
Music Video
Brand Videos
Event Videos

Promo Videos
Virtual Events
Training Videos
Corporate Videos
Marketing Videos


Throughout our partnership with Angry Bears, they were up front and honest about budget, potential barriers to success and suggestions for improved execution from previous years. We look forward to future collaborations


We provide the vision, and Angry Bears captures it perfectly with dramatic visuals and an inspiring storyline. They interview our team on camera, and then stitch together a compelling story that positions us at the top of the industry


Angry Bears exceeded expectations in the work they did in terms of creating the right look and feel for our videos. Our review process was admittedly extensive and rigorous, yet Angry Bears was extremely flexible and accommodating throughout.

Get The Most From
Your Investment

Event videographer. It could be your annual conference, seminar video, product launch, or live stream. Whether you want to share individual speeches, create a highlight for those who couldn’t attend, or simply say thank you to those that did! There are many ways to utilize the dynamic footage recorded at an event.

A video testimonial, for example, is an authentic way to show what your clients love about your event. Use them as a sales tool and marketing tool! People love reviews, they establish trust and reliability.

Professional cameras | Sound equipment for clean audio recording | Additional cameras to record multiple angles | Full video editing | Delivery options to suit your marketing strategy.

Boost attendance, drive sales, acquire sponsors.

We have all have heard how vital social media is when it comes to marketing strategies, but a lot of companies just don’t see the engagement and ROI that they were expecting. This is where video ads come in.

Utilize our social media Video production company services to create content that makes people stop scrolling.

Whether it’s a 1-minute youtube video, 15 second Facebook ad or an Instagram teaser, the videos we create for social are planned to capture your audience’s attention, boost brand awareness, and generate lasting connections.

People are constantly bombarded with content, and it’s essential that your video stands out in the crowd.

From half-day and full-day videography services to simple motion graphics that help quickly explain the product or service you are selling, to digital videos that are ideal to put a face to the name, we can create quality content that is sure to boost your brand’s trustworthiness.

Angry Bear Productions Will help you to create video ads that not only rack up hashtags, tweets, shares and likes but convert customers, too.

Motion graphics is one of the best ways to translate abstract or complex ideas in an informative and catchy way. They stand out as one of the most popular styles used by marketers.

Create a promotional short for social media ads, website banners, and more. No camera gear or on-set shooting is necessary! Editing is a true talent and we work hard to create engaging and unique videos that will add value to your brand and budget.

A Stress-Free
angry bears productions


Want to start valuable conversations with prospects? Or to communicate the benefits of a complex product? We encourage our customers to define specific objectives so our videos can help you make your marketing strategy a success.

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Tell us when you need us and our crew will be there. We will have any and all of the resources you need to get excellent coverage, including cameras, people, audio, lights, stills cameras and more. Let’s shoot it!

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Using a state of the art editing bay with the latest software, we will take the footage and craft it into a piece that you will be proud to show the world. A complete video that is true to your brand story, as well as compelling for your audience.

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Once produced, your video will play on all current media platforms, and you will receive your own copy. You have the choice to host the video yourself, or if desired, we are happy to supply a link to embed on your website, social media and more.

Promo Videos That Sell

Video Promotion have become an indispensable necessity when it comes to showcasing your service or product to potential clients. Promotional videos raise awareness and drive lead generation for brands. Attract new clients with engaging and converting promotions!

We can make an entire series of videos that will live forever for only a fraction of the usual cost of individual projects. They can be as long as you want, and there are no limits on the creative approach used.

Promo Video is now an expected part of the client’s journey – where audiences actively seek out high-quality content from brands. Videos that audiences truly value, and want to engage with. also, here we offer Video production services.

Be anywhere. Green screen visual effects allow for realistic, representative background images to enhance your video. Your imagination is the limit! We can produce creative videos to promote your company across a range of online platforms.

Angry Bears Productions are pros at YouTube videos, Kickstarters, eCommerce product promos, and more.

In a rented studio space that fits your needs, we offer complimentary use of a teleprompter for smooth on-camera dialogue. More options include voice-over, text overlay and closed captioning.

Angry Bears Productions also offer an extensive catalogue of music and graphics to complement your unique needs.

With videos related to the Arts & Culture sector, the content of each video differs, but there are common denominators. Whichever corner of the cultural landscape we visit, whether contemporary or historical, we find people with a passion for their work and with a strong desire to share their particular vision of the world.

Angry Bears Productions here to film it.

Presenting the big picture!
Are you trying to introduce the unique personality of your band?
Are you trying to highlight the musical level of your band?
Are you trying to provide reassurance that you’re an experienced band?
Are you trying to do something unique to stand out from the crowd?

Theatrical and stage video production
Angry Bear Productions produce, film continuously and edit high-quality video content for any ‘live’ performance or stage production. Test us!

Multi-camera stage filming
Recording with several cameras is a very cost-effective way to optimise production values for the creation of filmed records or video promotions for most theatrical or stage events.

Nearly 70% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. (Hubspot)
angry bears productions
97% of marketers say video has helped users gain a better understanding of their products and services. (Hubspot)
By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2019. (Cisco)
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