Angry Bears.

Angry Bears specialises in creating custom, high-quality video content.

We’re a team of idea makers that provide personalised service with every step of the way.

We’re based in Dublin but our team can be international and informal.

Dublin 2, 20 Harcourt Street

+353 01 901 0384
Bethnal Green – London
020 4538 2694
Berlin – Germany
030 38104102

What We Offer

146 Employee

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2164 Offices

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12 Workshops

79 N Michigan Ave, Chicago,Illinois IL 60611 +88 101 5299 500
Simplicity and clarity. Keep these two in balance.
Design 0
Marketing 0
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Throughout our partnership with Angry Bears, they were up front and honest about budget, potential barriers to success and suggestions for improved execution from previous years. We look forward to future collaborations


We provide the vision, and Angry Bears captures it perfectly with dramatic visuals and an inspiring storyline. They interview our team on camera, and then stitch together a compelling story that positions us at the top of the industry


Angry Bears exceeded expectations in the work they did in terms of creating the right look and feel for our videos. Our review process was admittedly extensive and rigorous, yet Angry Bears was extremely flexible and accommodating throughout.

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