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Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Advertising

Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Advertising

The audience is given backstage access to turn into a “silent passenger” within the narrative, uncovering and discovering the product together with the characters. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Advertising

Selecting which type of video filming approach you want to adapt can make or break a great project. Let’s see it in details.

1/ Live Action: 

The most frequent form of video marketing is live action. In this style, scenes are organized around “real life” scenarios of actors interacting with your product or service. PROS: 

2/ Familiarity 

Live action is the basis of fiction. The audience is given backstage access to turn into a “silent passenger” within the narrative, uncovering and discovering the product together with the characters. In such manner, the viewer gets to take something of a test drive of the product or service with no risk to themselves. 

Regardless if this means giving the audience a share of “real life” scenarios or a glance into a very sophisticated, expensive brand lifestyle. Live action video is the one that consumers have the most practice with.

Because of this common format consumers are generally more accessible to making purchasing decisions derived from these portrayals. Story First 

As a creator, using live action means you don’t have to spend too much of time building worlds and conceptual ideas, instead you can direct your attention on the message itself and the viewer can rapidly settle into the narrative. 

Advantages of Video Advertising


A live action video shoot takes an enormous amount of preparation. From start to final scene, you must have a quality idea to begin with, supported by serious execution. It doesn’t matter what premise you have, if it cannot be completed then it will crash.

Along those lines, you can write and shoot a beautiful scene, and if the idea isn’t relevant, the result just won’t reach the right note. 

Besides planning, the shoot schedule can be long. Organizing all the moving parts during the pre-production and filming stage requires patience and expertise.

Trying to manage these efforts and also making specific target deadlines can be intense and the need to be adaptable is vital. Indifferent of the detailed strategy you’ve created, you will always be at the mercy of the key members of the team, such as director, producer and actors, and other unanticipated situations that will appear over the course of the production. 


Advantages of Video Advertising: 


Animation can give you absolute control to invent your product’s universe and branding style. You are restricted only as far as your own imagination.

The capability to shape the image of the shoot from the start can hugely influence brand recognition and can increase buy-in. In an ideal world, animation can give you the chance to stand out in an otherwise saturated crowded content cycle. 

Low Risk 

Working with a team of one to three animators instead of a film crew of 40 -100 people, allows the flexibility that comes with quick communication and effective decision making. The fewer intermediaries reduces the risk of miscommunication and overall delays.

Crew and client can express their thoughts faster and can gain feedback almost instantaneously. Consequently, the use of animation can definitely cut time lag between planning and production.


Another advantage of using animation is its innate specified modular capability. In other words, depending on the need, a creator can simply produce material in longer or very short versions.

This is useful depending on the sharing platform and time restrictions found in various media. CONS: 


The use of animation often makes it more difficult to have automatic audience buy in. This is because the viewer must first overcome the often “fantastical” scenes set before them, before they can focus on the messaging at hand.

Launching a brand this way can from time to time be difficult, as you must work tougher to the show the product benefit versus using live action. Quality 

We feast first with our eyes. In these day’s market where it is growing difficult to discern between the lines of the real and the virtual, quality animation is imperative when aspiring to stand out. 

The animation option is a double-edged sword in that a poor choice in project quality or direction can sink the product before it’s even gotten started. In the same vein, “average” animated projects are seen so often they are often forgettable or unimpressive. 

To compete, you must stand out. 

A great example of an animation project that was highly successful is one BLEND collaborated on with Redspace. 

Brand Anthem Videos 

These are the videos that showcase the higher purpose and vision statement of brands. Brand anthem videos are usually presented in a feel good, “We help you live a better life” type of style.

These videos often promote an idea or moral belief that are incorporated with the product they are showcasing. 

Advantages of Video Advertising: 

Knowing a company’s purpose and values has increasingly become more important to consumers who are making purchasing decisions. Depending on what your product is, brand anthem videos provide consumers with additional “unseen” benefits. 

For example, if your product is affiliated with a charity that a consumer supports or if your product is made with a specific type of a material that the consumer enjoys – brand anthem videos promote a connection between product and a “feel good benefit” of buying said product.

Once an association between purpose and company is made it can be very difficult to break – which can work in your favor.

Leaving a good first and lasting impression can very quickly turn into brand association and ultimately brand loyalty. 

Disadvantages of Video Advertising: 

No Direct Return on Investment 

Brand anthems “get better with age”. This style should be regarded as continued investment in public brand perception, not necessarily an instant correlation to direct ROI (return on investment) in the way of sales. 

This longer-term filming investment strategy builds brand equity over time but does not usually show immediate results. 

Product Video


Established Demographic 

A product video speaks directly to a core, educated audience. People know immediately whether a product is geared toward their lifestyle. Because of the targeted marketing demographic/niche, the consumer knows enough about the product to determine its inherent value.

Therefore, whatever you bring to the table is either going to entice them to engage further or effectively cross you off the list of considerations. 

Product Speaks for Itself 

The attention to the product itself really highlights the performance of the product in a beautiful way. Allowing the product to speak for itself often resonates more loudly than the hype and frills centered around other filming strategies. 

More importantly, shining a spotlight on the desirability of the product can be the final element in the sales funnel converting interested parties into purchasing customers.

Disadvantages of Video Advertising: 

Making product photography and product video look good is not easy – “tabletop” production is painstaking. Bringing value to a product and creating a desire to purchase the product is an art in and of itself. 

Lighting, effects, music, etc. all play a crucial role in presenting the product in the best way possible. Getting those mouth-watering shots isn’t always easy and often needs a little behind the scene magic to make it come to life.

that’s it on this “Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Advertising”. do checkout other post’s to leanr more.

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