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Attention to Quality

Focus on your video SEO. Just like you need search engine optimization for your site articles or website content, you need it for your videos. 

Once you begin to present videos to your viewers with added value, it’s time to ensure quality. When was the last time you watched a weak video? If the picture is blurry, the camera shaky, or the audio distorted, no one will watch your videos. 

You should, at the very least invest in a good camera and a decent microphone. Better still it can pay dividends if you partner with a video production company who can ensure that all your content is picture-perfect, in order to meet your audience’s expectations 

If your brand is not on social media, now is the time to create a few accounts. Platforms such as Facebook or Instagram are a must for any company. They provide you with an ideal opportunity to connect with your audiences and build trust. Plus they have a wonderful little feature called “stories”. 

Facebook or Instagram stories are a perfect opportunity for you to enable your audiences to get to know your brand. Use them to introduce the people behind the brand, your teammates, and your colleagues. 

Stories are an informal type of video content which doesn’t necessary require that you have technical equipment. All you will need is a smartphone, and you are good to go. 

If you are introducing a new product or feature in your website, use stories to discuss some behind-the-scenes clips. It will generate interest, and your audience will be more likely to see your site and see what is happening. 

Include CTAs 

When you are creating video content, then it can be easy for CTAs (call to action) to slip your mind. Do not let that happen. Whether you’re creating informal videos, educational ones, tutorials, FAQs, or anything in between, you must have a clear CTA. 

Your call to action can be simple like asking your audience to subscribe, like your page. You can also ask them to check out some of your other content or go to your website for more information. 


  • Pre-roll 

These are in the very beginning of your video and will ensure that everybody who clicks your video sees your CTA. 

  • Mid-roll 

These would be the trickiest, however, the best. The CTA can be contained somewhere in the middle of the video when participation levels are the highest. Don’t be tempted to interrupt your video to include a CTA. It has to feel natural and make sense in context.

  • Post-roll 

Here, a CTA will probably be in the very end of the video. The only problem is that you might lose a couple of audience members who switch off before to your CTA. 

Video SEO 

Focus on your video SEO. Just like you need search engine optimization for your site articles or website content, you need it for your videos. 

It might seem like a complex thing to do, but it is quite easy. Do your keyword research just like you do for any other sort of content you’re creating. When you have your keywords, it should be simple to incorporate them into your video. 

Include the main key word in the name of your video and the video details. Just avoid overloading it all with key words. It is still important that you have a relevant, meaningful, and persuasive title and adequate description.

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